I prefer the book The Hobbit to The Lord Of The Rings.

I much prefer the Hobbit movies to the LOTR movies.

I like the fact the Hobbit movies were extended with material not in the original book: I'm glad there are female characters. I love the additional material with Radagast the Brown. I love the singing and poems and sense of fun preserved from what was a novel for children.

I find the foreshadowing of Sauron in The Hobbit movies to more effectively convey a sense of dread and power than actual Sauron in the LOTR movies.

Whilst I am generally bored by large CGI battles, I find the skirmishes in The Hobbit movies to be less boring than the epic-scale ones in LOTR.


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I found the LOTR movies to be mind-numbingly dull, except when they annoyed me by changing the story. Elves at Helm's Deep? Faramir trying to take Frodo to his father? WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! I also am bored by the massive CGI battles scenes. It was the characters of Sam, Pippin, Merry, and Gimli that made the books so good.

I only saw the first Hobbit movie, and I actually slept through parts of it. It was non-stop action without tension, like a Michael Bay Transformers movie. I have no desire to see the other two.

I much prefer the Ralph Bakshi LOTR movie.

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Don't forget that the concept of heresy (ie. a contrary thought) is orthogonal to the idea of whether it is true! :p
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I hope that your books fit in a backpack.
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