I'm moving my email stuff away from the aging p200 (that sits in my back room under a chest of drawers) to a bytemark virtual machine that I share with Tom, Fraggle and Doddsy. This is mostly since my desktop has died, and the p200 can't handle spamassassin. I've already got my CVS repository across there, and some database stuff; along with a fairly nice backup system.

...which brings me to the next item on the agenda: I tried out this `sitebar' software which scratches an itch I was planning on scratching with my own code. It's a centralised bookmarks/favourites system, but unlike other, similar systems, the front-end is fairly well integrated into the major browsers.

Thanks to the import/export features, I've collated the bookmarks I've collected in IE/firefox/konqueror, in Linux/windows, on my old desktop / new desktop / ibm desktop / university account / mother's laptop / family computer (etc. etc.), plus the ones I store in my half-scratched itch /links/ into one large set inside a sitebar installation. Once I've done a code audit to make sure its secure enough for my liking and hacked a nicer UI into it (I reckon a native XUL one for mozilla and a javascript-less XHTML one for konqueror/dillo etc.) I shall make my installation public and replace /links/.

I can't remember the last time I saw a program which got me so excited (maybe ion...)