I've put together a list of problems with my current OS install, to check off when I sort them out. It's a bit longer than the average, so I thought I'd put it up here. Maybe the info I'll accumulate will prove useful.

When I have a change I'll just edit this blog post which will bump it. That way I'll have all the info in the right place together.

  • sound card not working
  • tv tuner (untested due to above)
  • X programs hanging on exit (rxvt)
  • udev rules (no more 'mount /dev/sde1...')
  • hdparm settings (SATA drives running properly?)
  • remote control (this will be interesting)
  • boot speed (parallel startup or inetd-ize as much as poss)
  • front panel ports (USB, firewire, sound, video, etc.)
  • graphics tablet (a medion one which is an aiptek clone)
  • PS2 keyboard (simply doesn't work after grub. Bah!)