Just a quickie. I'm on the way to becoming a Debian Developer (DD), but first, I need to join and navigate my way through the New Maintainer (NM) queue.

Before I can do that, I need evidence of my contributions to debian. One of the easiest (and traditional) approaches is to maintain a package in debian by way of a sponsor.

I have a willing sponsor and I've chosen a package: deutex. This doom WAD manipulation tool is a good candidate for first package as it's very simple build-wise. It is also a build-dependency in prboom 2.3, which isn't in debian yet but will be when a stable release is made.

It would also be a build dependency for freedoom if the freedoom package assembled the WAD file. As it is, the freedoom package merely provides and installes the IWAD file we supply upstream. I've talked to the maintainer however and he's interested in a more source-approach.

Now that I'm creating debian packages, I've created somewhere to keep them too: Introducing http://debian.halfcoded.net/.