A small update summarising some of my coding endeavours in the last few weeks.


Work on left-handed scrollbar support has unfortunately grinded to a near halt as of late. I've discovered some problems which appear to have been present for a while but I missed them. To stop this happening in future, I thought about regression tests.

Someone mentioned that a desktop setting describing a user's scrollbar placement preferences would be a good candidate for a software-agnostic Xsetting. I asked about this on the xdg mailing list but have not received a reply so far.


My patch for the gallery program was accepted, with some modifications.


I have written my first patch for doom - specifically the modern port prboom. It alters some behaviour which changed somewhere in the history of doom and stopped an old classic level from working. I wrote a wiki-article describing the specific reasons this happened.

The actual change was trivial - one line, but incorporating it as an optional `compatibility setting' was another 6. I'm waiting for some feedback on this.

I think I have some things to say about work on a program such as doom, regarding software engineering practise and why it doesn't apply here - but I'll save that for another day.


No further progress since I reported on my last tomboy patch, however I have been in discussion with a few people about a possible mind-map extension. More at a later time.