Dylan McIntosh - or "Toke" as he named himself on doomworld, died in a car accident yesterday. He drove straight into another car. Luckily both the other driver and his own passenger have survived.

I'm now feeling angry and annoyed. I didn't speak to Toke much, and I don't remember actually liking him much either, but on learning the news I still got that familiar feeling in my stomach that I first felt in 1999 or so when Adam Emerson killed himself, when my friend Ollie killed himself this New Year, and more recently on learning of the death of my grandfather.

Looking at my archives, I don't seem to have written about when Adam died (I'm sure I did, but I mustn't have saved a copy of whatever site that was, 7 years ago). I certainly haven't plucked up the courage to write about my grandfather: Someone I barely know on the Internet dies and I can write something in 15 minutes, but about a month after the event and I still haven't put aside time to write about my grandad's death.

RIP, Dylan.