Ok here's the SS list for 2006, as it was supposed to be, with each person buying for the person after and receiving from the person before:

  • jon
  • mike
  • toby
  • bloodshedder
  • mewse
  • fraggle
  • arioch
  • stephen

Unfortunately, I lost Tobe and Mike's mails at first and had to slot them in after me. So I was originally going to buy for Bloodshedder and then should have bought for Mike.

I managed to disregard that and buy for Bloodshedder anyway. I then realised that nobody was going to buy for Mike.

At that point, now after Christmas, arioch asked me for Steve's details, as he hadn't provided any postal address. I'd asked in each mail out to people to confirm they'd received it and Steve hadn't: also, he was supposed to buy for me and I hadn't received anything. So I made Arioch buy for Manc instead.

So Bloodshedder gets two gifts, I get nothing, Steve gets nothing but buys nothing. Yay. Maybe someone else should organise this next year :(

On the plus side, fraggle was convinced I'd bought for him because mewse used the word "crimbo".