Fraggle and I have been working on getting freedoom's deutex tree into SVN. Right now, it's available via SVN here in Sourceforge's SVN repository.

I've also been adjusting the debian packaging of freedoom in debian's SVN repository (note: svn:// url) in the needs-deutex branch. The current packages just stick the doom2.wad file in the correct location on the filesystem (and invoke the alternatives system). My aim is to have the debian source package contain the real source, rather than just the binary lump.

Now, if you check the first out; then the second; then move the debian directory from the second to the first; you can build a debian package in the normal way. There is still a fair bit of work to do, but it should be ready so when freedoom 0.5 is out, we'll provide a source tarball, and the debian package will be good to go.