Hmm, another update so soon! Well, I haven't even uploaded the last one yet. I just finished my GCSEs and got pretty good grades- 1 A, 3 C's, an E, and the rest (about 6) Bs. My second box is almost complete- Ive got all of the IO sorted, now I need the internals- I'll get bog-standard sound and video from a market, and mail order the memory, motherboard and Processor. Its going to be an AMD K6-2 400mhz, with the 3dnow! acceleration, and 64mb of 100mhz SDRAM. I may plump with 66mhz, if the motherboard proves too costly.

What else? Well, one of my levels for Fractured Universe is going very well, and is almost completed- just needs texture re-alignments and a few changed weapon positions. I may post a preview of the level set up if the rest of the team agree.

Oh yes, a competition- I will post another update in a few days, and the question will be- what is different about this page, what has changed? The winner will be mentioned here.