I nice surprise recently- my counter has reached 2500 odd hits, which was nice. Last time I checked it was 1800- damnit, that elusive 2000...

Added a few links here and there, most notably the CUT one below and the OZ one on the HalfLife page. I must bitch at the CUT graphics guys though for making the icon a non-conformist shape. Anyway, its a good cause.

I have been playing Jedi Knight recently at a friends house and so I installed the Sith demo- first time I have played it in a year. Wow. You can turn all the graphical gizmos on, coloured lighting and whatnot, and full 3D acceleration with gigantic resolutions withough any slowdown whatsoever. I like it. I like it a lot.

Why? Not sure. But I did it. Here it is. A h4x0r3d Schwa.