Heehee! IRC funny! I remember Sailor Scout had some funny quotes once!
Note: Frads and Star-Wars wont be offended.

<Teppic8> supa-kala-_frad_ulistic-espially-docous
<Teppic8> but when you stumble into your house with some dudes, you cant all sit down and 
play dm
<Redrover> true
<Decon> super-kala-fradalistic-especially-brv-zokum
<Decon> errr
<Decon> j/k :)
<Decon> no offense to zokum your the only name that somewhat fit
<Teppic8> heeeeeeeheee
<Teppic8> frad isnt an insult- its a statement of fradness
<Teppic8> you need a certain frad count to be a true doomer and feel the farce well
<Teppic8> like any-kin sky-stalker
<Decon> lol
<Decon> thats like saying dumbass iasn't an insult, it's a statement of stupidity
<Redrover> domass
<Teppic8> doomass :)
<Redrover> no have you seen the A&W ad?
<Teppic8> no
<Redrover> well then you suck
<Teppic8> im english doomass
<Decon> you bloody bastard
<Decon> oops, time for tea
<Decon> brb :)
<Redrover> tea time
<Redrover> heh
<Redrover> dafty
<Teppic8> Im all for a round of cricket
<Teppic8> myst is english, i bet he likes his tea

Changed the Pic of the Day again. Gonna sort out the archives soon, and place them in the GFX section.