HALF - LIFE: Great game, but a memory hogger?

I had Half Life on the PC for about 3 months. After uninstalling it, the directory was 300mb big- and Half Life is 300mb big.

The bsp files were greatly reduced in size from the other quake-style games because of the fact that the textures were not held inside them anymore- so how come my maps dir was 100mb big? And the stupid previews and stuff didnt uninstall, TFC remained, etc.

So, after you uninstall half life, if you do, dont stop there- scourge the dir and delete anything that moves!

Also, I recently (23:00 13/07/99) bought the recommended book for my C++ book and downloaded the entire DJGPP compiler and stuff. Which took ages on a really slow connection. I hope Freeserve improve the speeds a bit...