I just read this excellent blog post called "Linux Future" which defines a term "FLOS" to describe what the current direction of Linux development appears to be. Specifically, it addresses the divergence from what one might call the "UNIX" philosophy in new core technologies like systemd.

I think sticking a new name to define this philosophical direction is a great idea. "FLOS" is something that both proponents and haters can rally around. It acknowledges the move away from the UNIX way of doing things, and doesn't overload a term like Linux, "ownership" of which is claimed by both camps (and others who just want to keep their heads down and get on with things!)

The next step, after embracing it, would be to define the strategy and the roadmap. Where is FLOS going? What's the endgame? Perhaps with such a vision we may end up with some technologies which will stand the test of time, like Apple's CoreAudio (10 years old) or Microsoft's win32 API (now 20 years old), rather than the ludicrously high plumbing turnover we endure right now.

(Oh my goodness, I finally wrote an actual Linux blog post.)