I've started struggling to see my mouse pointer on my desktop. I probably need to take an eye test and possibly buy some new glasses. In the meantime, I've changed my mouse pointer to something larger and more colourful: The Amiga Workbench 1.3 mouse pointer that I grew up with, but scaled up to 128x128 pixels (from 16x16, I think)

Desktop screenshot with Workbench 1.3 mouse pointer

See if you can spot it

The X file format for mouse pointers is a bit strange but it turned out to be fairly easy to convert it over.

An enormous improvement!


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That's beautiful!

Would you mind sharing how you did that?

Comment by Martin,
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Sure! Source the icon graphic somewhere (e.g. this site). Then using GIMP, blow it up to the desired size and save it out as a "X11 Cursor" format (perhaps: use the extension .xmc). Then, create a folder (and parent folders) ~/.icons/WorkBench1.3/cursors and copy the cursor-format file to ~/.icons/WorkBench1.3/cursors/left_ptr (no extension this time). Then write a file ~/.icons/WorkBench1.3/index.theme containing the following

[Icon Theme]
Name=Workbench 1.3

Finally select the theme in your desktop environment somehow, e.g. using gnome-tweaks for GNOME 3.