I'm feeling pretty ill, so I've taken my notes home with me to revise there. College just isn't the right atmosphere if you are ill, especially if you have a deadline of 7 days to get better before your first exam!

My dad was clearing out one of the rooms in my house recently (we call that one the amiga room), and found a very old, dusty book called something along the lines of 'the best science fiction of the year 13' from the 1980s. I'm VERY glad he found this book because it has a short story in it called 'slowbirds' by an author known as Ian Watson (has anyone heard of this guy apart from me? Please update if so!) which I read when I was a lot younger. It also has a story by John Sladek, a little-known author who recently passed away.

I learnt of Sladek's death from the column of Dave Langford (slightly better-known author) in SFX Magazine. The best thing about SFX magazine ihmo is Dave's column, because (with the exception of a 09/11 comment) it is always worth reading, even when the rest of the magazine isn't.