Back in November I wrote up a list of 25 things I would 3D print. Let's revisit the list and see how things have developed.

Stuff I won't print

  • Some kind of 45° leaning prong to dry bottles and flasks on
  • A tea tray and coasters
  • Small tins to keep loose-leaf tea in

It was pointed out to me that you can't safely print things to store food in with most materials, as their porous/layered nature facilitates the growth of bacteria. So, I'll rule out those items.

A vinyl record.

The size of the grooves in a vinyl record are smaller than conventional FDM printers can achieve.

Things I've printed

a replacement prop arm/foot for my computer keyboard

Someone has modelled the exact part I need, and it worked great:

replacement toy bolt

replacement toy bolt

replacement bits for an Early Learning Centre Build It Deluxe Set

I was amazed to find that someone has already modelled one of these, too, and it worked beautifully:

Little kids trinkets. Pacman ghosts

The Pacman ghost family so far

The Pacman ghost family so far

So far, I've tried to print useful, functional things, but on a few occasions I've printed a little Pacman ghost when testing printer calibration or similar. I've mostly used these models:

  • Lego storage/sorters
  • DIY bits-and-bobs sorter/storage (nuts and bolts etc)

I learned about a Slicer setting sometimes called "Vase mode" and found this interesting system of modular drawers that are designed to be printed in Vase mode, so I gave them a go: I printed one and four drawers for it and gave it to my daughter. It might be used for sorting Lego, or possibly as a chest-of-drawers for a dolls house.

A free-standing inclined vinyl record display stand

A bracket to install a Gotek drive in my Amiga 500


From my original list of 25 things to print, I've done 7 of them and determined 4 are not viable. The things in this list I've printed have been off-the-shelf models that other people have constructed. The things I haven't printed are designs I will do myself, which is one reason I haven't printed them yet: building your own designs is the hard part!