This page is out-of-date.

This page details some deleted and rare scenes from the film "Blade Runner". Please note that this was written before the release of the "Final Cut", which re-incorporated many of these scenes. I will update this page with detalis of that at some point.


There are a handful of wildly different versions of the film "Blade Runner" in circulation. Firstly, American and European releases typically differ (the European releases contain more violence).

Secondly, there have been two seperate releases of the film: The original release and a subsequent Director's Cut.

Finally, there exists a workprint (predating the Director's Cut) that has never been released. There's good coverage of this at BladeZone -- I'll refer back to their scene numbering in the sections below.

Some of the other bits and pieces are taken from On the Edge of Blade Runner, a Channel 4 documentary that is expected to be bundled with the (eventual) re-release of Blade Runner on DVD.

Introduction text

Scene 3 on the BladeZone page: an alternate take on the introduction text. This resembles a dictionary entry.

The Blade Runner sky

Blade Runner was filmed mostly at night: this gave it a film noir feel. It also helped the special effects people deal with the rolling LA hills in the background of some shots.

A few sections of the film treat the sky a bit differently: the original release ending was cobbled together from unused footage from "The Shining". The dove scene at the end of the film is shot against a clearer sky than the rest of the film and looks a little out of place.

This shot was not used in the film: it demonstrates a "moon" special effect.

Dancing hockey-mask girls

This is scene 39 from the BladeZone page. The workprint which features this scene also has techno music playing in the background which was replaced with Vangelis' score.

Hospital scene

A hospital scene was filmed were Deckard visits Holden after leaving Bryant's office, to find out first-hand about the new Nexus 6 replicants.

It makes sense to me that Deckard would visit Holden: not sure if this scene is really in keeping with the feel of the rest of the film, though. It would have made sense to leave this in the cinematic release, as Holden's lines help explain things a bit.

Other bits

an amusing look at how blade-runner like we've become: