Well hello again. Lots to update about. Firstly, take a look at this picture in the making. Tell me what you think.

I must confess that I'm messed up. I think the main reason is pressure at School- the workload is hard and I have to do the best I can in order to even apply to a university of my choice.

In order to change my lifestyle, perhaps allieviate some of the pressure, I have done some pretty drastic stuff. I quit CIC for the time being- It was becoming a chore more than a pleasure and adding to the workload. I met some great people whilst a part of CIC and I'd like to thank them all for a great time while it lasted.

Also, for the summer, I've quit doomroom. Maybe for good I dunno. It's dying I think. All the 'cool' people have left- cyb, with good reasons (good luck to you), and tom without a reason. These two people were perhaps amongst the most influential people I ever met via the internet, along with other such as aurikan. They were a large part of doomroom and by leaving its died for me. Good luck to all those who remain.

So hopefully the panic attacks will stop. What do I do now then? Well, I'm using linux all the time now, and enjoying it. I've got almost all functions of windows replaced with linux equivalents, so now the only reasons to return to windows are a) CD burning and b) gaming.

Knapster is cool. Window Maker is cool. I'm getting live songs mostly through Knapster, so I'm almost a legit user (rare breed). I also got a console-based GNUtella clone but I've not invested enough time to use it yet.

This is what my desktop used to look like. It looks like this at the moment. Search for a theme on wm.themes.org (linked above) for `funk' to see the wallpaper in its entirety.

Web-design wise I've optimised this site for a) lynx b) w3m c) netscape (linux) d) IE5, and I've also made sure that the fonts look ok as I don't have any truetype ones available in X yet.

`whats lynx? whats w3m?' these things are cool. Take a look here. Text only web browsers! No pop up pr0n ads! No popup windows at all afaik. Also you can browse really fast without images. You could just turn off images in Netscape/IE, but it took me about 10 minutes to write a piece of javascript to override that.

You may notice a blurry patch on the desktop screenshot up there- I took it whilst I was in a keyed channel and the key was on full-display. Oops!