This is Jonathan Michael Thomas Dowland's personal homepage.

I'm a senior Software Engineer working for a large Open-Source company.

Before that, I spent 10 years working for Newcastle University in the North-East of England, in a variety of roles culminating with Head of Support for the School of Computing Science.

Rather try (and fail) to sum myself up in a sentence or two, why not have a browse around the site and draw your own conclusions. The most frequently updated part of my site is my weblog. The site is biased towards computing-related stuff: I am also interested in cycling, ice skating, photography, fiction, music, film, etc.

I am a computer enthusiast: some hardware but mostly software. I contribute to a variety of open source projects, including minor patches in Linux, various bits for Debian, etc. (more on the software page). I've been a Debian developer since 2009. In 2012 I became a council-member of FLOSS UK (formerly UKUUG).

Contacting me

You may email me at

I'm happy to receive cryptographically signed mail. You can find my full pgp key here, or via The fingerprint is E037 CB2A 1A00 61B9 4336 3C8B 0907 4096 06AA AAAA. I am happy to verify this in person and do key exchanges. You could also use my older key, which has the fingerprint FD35 0B0A C6DD 5D91 DB7A 83D1 168B 4E71 7032 F238.


I'm on various social networking sites. That page is PGP-signed by my key if you want to verify whether it's really me.

I'm on a lot of IRC networks, user Jon, although I rarely chat in real-time, I can respond to messages.

This site

This site is powered by ikiwiki, a wiki "compiler" which is particularly interesting if you are a UNIX type of person.